Welcome to Perunoto!

After graduating in graphic design I worked  for a Studio specialized in packaging design for several years. Then my husband and I moved to Japan. We lived in Tokyo for 4 years and during this time I've really fallen in love with all these beautiful japanese patterns everywhere around me. My love for it grew more and more and I recognized what I really want to do is design surface patterns.

So I recently entered into the wonderful world of pattern design and my small label Perunoto was born. I design Surface Patterns for wrapping paper, stationary, fabrics, homeware and wallpaper. I like to experiment with various colours and materials. My process begins with putting pen to paper. Then I continue  working with them in Photoshop or Illustrator. My designs are bold, graphic and simple with bright colours and a hand-drawn touch. Nature, travel, music and my daily life are my inspiration.

This is my story so far. It all began in Japan, where my Japanese friend used to call me Perunoto - a mix between my and my husbands name translated in Japanese English.